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Jun 6, 2018

Building with Wisdom Homes


Hello Everyone,


I had a response from my SS regarding the issue of exposed plumbing under floating vanities.“When the wastes are connected, a small false frame will be installed and then tiled”I will be meeting my SS next week to understand what he means by that. 2 out of 4 vanities have plumbing that’s visible underneath and it is going through the floor while the other 2 have plumbing through the wall and nothing is visible underneath. Not sure why they have done it differently. Has anyone else had this issue? Not sure if I am worrying for nothing


Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.




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  • andersonjones850
    Jun 6, 2018

    Hello, I've started using a technique for long operations in python and I'd like to know if it seems reasonable in a TD context, or if there are better or more standard ways of doing things.For this application, I have to communicate with three HTTP APIs (including sending files) and use a number of command line programs (a slew of small utilities to control a Fastec camera, and ffmpeg to assemble the camera's output frames into an h264 video file). My general approach so far has been to kick off work in a threading.Thread, then use a Timer CHOP to poll for a result. I use a threading.Lock for memory safety.For the HTTP stuff, this seems to work fine. The use case is pretty simple -- make a sequence of requests in python, and at the end, make sure things turn out OK. I'm using the requests module and write "synchronous" code that then wrapped in a thread.I'm doing something similar with the command-line tools, but I use the subprocess module. The ffmpeg code should be very similar to the http/requests code. The camera controls are a bit more complex, so I'm using a queue.Queue (which is conveniently synchronized) to pass command and response objects. A Timer CHOP calls a poll method that pops things off the queue and reacts accordingly. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- https://www.derivative.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11395&p=44185 IT Security animated Video Thanks
  • andersonjones850
    Jun 6, 2018

    Hello, The longer I play this game the more I feel like Wisdom is just a supporting colour, it has ramp (new horizons),card draw (LG etc).Dominion Control likes this. Other colours too (mid-lategame decks). Another reason is there aren't enough of cards designed for mono wisdom. Even the expansion makes me feel like this. New Aurites, Peacocks clearly are not created for mono wisdom. They actually need other colour to be viable.There aren't cards that would benefit from Wisdom levels.For example Corruption has Word of Pain and Consume Spirit. Rage has Word of Fire, Burning rage etc.I might be wrong but I find some of the Wisdom cards kinda lame too, like the Ice or Lightning Elemental.I'd be happy if Spellweaver had a scaling wisdom card (we got Word of Knowledge but it's not the level/affinity of other Words spells. It's a support action for other colours just like Wisdom is - I feel. How about a card that would help Wisdom with the creature department like Word of Construction - construct/upgrade artifact(s)) For More Details:- Real Estate Video marketing Thanks
  • andersonjones850
    Jun 6, 2018

    Hello, I believe he is heading down the final road. He was admitted to the hospital a month ago with pneumonia, developed a DVT, discharged to a nursing facility for rehabilitation and now has massive DVTs bilaterally. He can still swallow but can no longer care for himself in any manner, has great difficulty walking, sleeps most of the day (has even slept for three days straight without waking for anything at all). He has hallucinations, anxiety... I know you all know what I am talking about.I need to know how to be supportive for my mom who has been with him for 54 years. She is terrified that he is going to die and is trying to control each and every situation and is absolutely exhausted. She trusts no one to take care of my dad, stays all night with him, has all of her meals there, questions every medication, doesn't want him on medications because they confuse him- but he's so depressed and miserable... What can I do for her to help her and to get her trust somebody other than herself? I am paying for a CNA to come in to the nursing home 16 hours/ week because she refuses to leave him alone. I work full time and have kids at home so I am not fully available but try with visits and near-constant phone contact.I am concerned that she will get sick herself and then what? I have been trying to get her to look at care homes but she still thinks she will take him home and care for him there. She is not capable of this physically or financially. We are applying for Medicaid but I'm not sure what services will be available and I know that they are limited for home care (I think it's a max of 35 hours/week).Are there any words of wisdom from those of you going through this or have been there? My heart breaks for this wonderful man who always had a smile and a joke to share. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- https://www.lbda.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1173 Forecast software marketing Thanks